Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I am posting an excerpt from Just North Of Luck. I hope you enjoy it.

My tummy howled as I grabbed rocks and roots and worked my way to the top. I pulled out binoculars and

crouched to peer under brush and trees, spotting the copper Hummer a little farther away than I anticipated,

but at least it was in sight. Finally.

I eased myself down, working out a plan a few degrees at a time. Once I was near a small patch of

flat ground I spotted it again and ran, tripping a few yards away, right into the anal glands of a skunk.

The damn striped fur bag threw its tail in reverse and soaked me with a pungent discharge. My eyes

stung and my nostrils caved in while my mouth twisted and contorted, followed by the rest of

my body.

I pulled my Ruger to shoot the little shit but couldn*t see well enough to take aim. I couldn*t wipe off since

my clothes were saturated with revolting spew. Fumbling for keys, I unlocked the Hummer and

grabbed the emergency blanket, wiping my eyes and face first. Stink dripped from my hair.

I mopped.

I peeled off all my clothes and wrapped nakedness in the blanket, careful to toss my guns and gear in the

back as far from me as possible, leaving the sturdy camo clothing and blue lace panties beside the road.

Just North of Luck is the second novel in the Logan Hunter Mystery series. Learn more about this book and the others:

And may the luck of the Irish be with you!

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