Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heather McAlendin returns

Heather McAlendin is back to discuss her new book, Killer Queen.
Heather, even though I have previously interviewed you, please give new blog visitors a brief bio.

My name is Heather McAlendin and I am originally from Timmins, Ontario and moved to Toronto almost 5 years ago with my family. I started writing poetry and short stories as a child and I was and still am a voracious reader. Over the years I have worked in graphic design and office administration but I always found myself writing in some capacity. It wasn't until a little over 4 years age that I submitted my first manuscript, Wicked Dreams which ended up in the publication of my very first novel! I am very lucky to have had 2 more published novels and a self published novelette since that time. Currently, I am self employed and have dedicated my time, thanks to the support of my family to write and edit full time and make my dreams of becoming a story craftsmen a reality!

What books came along at just the right time to influence your reading/writing?
I can't say it was any one book that has influenced my writing. Although I love to read everything from horror novels to sci fi and fantasy. Right now I work in the supernatural genre but I don't limit myself or my imagination. I will say that certain authors have influenced my work such as Stephen King, Anne Rice, Terry Goodkind, Ben Bova and the like.

Please give us a short synopsis of your new book, Killer Queen.
Killer Queen is a modern vampire thriller brimming with lust, betrayal, greed and vengeance.
Silver Devries is a five hundred year old Vampire Queen who, out of betrayal and vengeance, becomes a Vampire Hunter. She must search for a rogue female vampire who threatens the very existence of the vampire clans. Silver’s greatest allies become those who should fear her the most…mortals. Fear, hope and unexpected love are the ties that bind vampire and human together as they fight to save both of their worlds from imminent destruction.

How has your writing progressed since your first book? Has it changed you? If so, how?
My writing has grown and changed a lot in the last few years. As an independent author, with no agent I have had to learn the publishing industry from the ground up. Lessons have been learned and I am enjoying the process. I think my characters have changed me as they are all a part of who I am as a writer and as person. I am more open to possibilities and feel much more confident in my abilities as a writer.

When do you accomplish your best writing?
I am a morning writer, it's the best time of day for me to get my ideas on paper. Being a mother of a teenage son as well as caring for 2 dogs and a cat, by the evening I am just too tired to think straight.

Is there another book on the horizon?
Most definitely. I am currently finishing the next manuscript in the Killer Queen series. I am also writing 2 other manuscripts that will hopefully take my work in a different direction. One with be a new take on the “Jack the Ripper” story and the other will be an intense murder mystery/thriller.

After hours of intense writing, how do you unwind?
It's important to take a break and unwind and refresh yourself no matter what you do for a living. I go for an hourly walk every day and I also do yoga. I have also been known to take my camera out and just take pictures of flowers etc. Photography is another creative outlet that I enjoy very much.

Where can we purchase these books and get more information about you?
My books are available online via; Eternal Press; and AbeBooks. (search word: mcalendin). All the links are available through my website or readers can contact me directly at

Heather, thanks for a second interview, and please let me know when the Ripper book is ready so I can interview you again. Best wishes!

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H. McAlendin said...

Thank you so much Susan. I appreciate the time and effort you make to give new writers exposure. It was great fun!

Heather McAlendin