Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Latest Hell Swamp review

I’m always thrilled to find an unsolicited review. This morning, this was on Facebook:

"Hell Swamp, a lovely place for a vacation if you like finding floating skulls, cottonmouths, being pushed into the river, shot at, whacked over the head and stately southern plantations. Lest I forget, the plantation had an addition that I should mention. An old lady, dressed out like a freshly-killed deer and hung from the main chandelier in the foyer.
This is the situation that SBI agent Logan Hunter discovered when she was called off of vacation to head up an investigation in rural North Carolina.
The story spins along at an entertaining pace as you follow Logan through her investigation.
Peculiarities abound as you meet the suspects. Whitfield has drawn a cast of characters from 'down by the Black River' that rings delightfully true and scary, injected with just enough humor to make HELL SWAMP stand out from the pack. Read this book. It's a good 'un."

If you want a copy,  Hell Swamp and the rest of the Logan Hunter series (to date), pick up a copy at my site or, online stores, or your favorite store. If they don't have it in stock, they'll be glad to order it for you.



Anonymous said...

Yeah! Isn't that a neat way to wake up!

Susan Whitfield said...

Yep! How the heck are you? Haven't heard from you in quite some time.

Anne Patrick said...

Congratulations Susan, great review!!!