Monday, March 21, 2011

Another great review for Sin Creek!

"Over the course of her investigation into the death of local college student  
Maeve Smoltz, North Carolina SBI Agent Logan Hunter learns that the young

woman used her involvement in the porn industry to pay for her education. Worse

yet: as Hunter questions other co-eds to learn more about Maeve’s gruesome

murder, she soon discovers that her victim wasn’t the only one forced to trade in

filth for funds. Before long, Hunter finds herself struggling to navigate through an

insidious labyrinth of raunchy twists and turns as she strives to learn the real truth

behind Maeve’s untimely demise, take down a nefarious porn ring, and keep her

marriage to Agent Chase Railey from falling apart...all in a day’s work for the

fearless crusader...

A taut, engaging suspense thriller, Sin Creek is quite the eye-opening read.

Anyone even slightly familiar with college life knows of the various traps that

await naïve, unsuspecting students at every turn, but author Susan Whitfield

presents the reader with a brand new world of vice and debauchery throughout

the pages of her riveting new mystery tale. Far from innocent, Maeve Smoltz is

nonetheless the victim of a depraved, twisted culture, and as her investigation

deepens, both Hunter and the reader’s eyes are opened to the startling new reality

of life on the modern college campus. Rife with one page-turning development

after another, Sin Creek is a gripping, well-crafted thrill ride sure to hold your

interest from beginning to end. Equally disturbing and compelling."  Apex Reviews

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