Monday, September 26, 2011

Stephen Brayton discusses BETA

My guest today is Stephen L. Brayton, author of BETA.
Welcome, Stephen and tell us something about yourself that readers might be surprised to learn.
I’m Batman. Well, okay, except for the cool car, the underground cave, and the butler. But I do have the costume. Well, I had one years ago. I used it once on Halloween…

Seriously, though, this may not have too much to do with me personally, but I’ve managed to get loads of material for stories from the people around me. I’ve lived in an apartment building where every single tenant in the past nine years, save for one, has been in trouble with the law. One couple who wouldn’t pay rent for months and had their electricity turned off…so they tried to steal mine.
Plenty of fodder for books, indeed. How many books have you written?
I’ve had two published. Night Shadows and the latest release, Beta.
What books or authors have influenced you?
Nearly every one of them in one fashion or another. I look at various authors and read a lot of books. With each I’ll have one response or a combination of responses: I know I can do better and I’ll try to avoid this person’s mistakes. I’d like to emulate this person in his/her marketing. This person has given me some creative ideas to put into my books. I want to work harder to be as much of a success as this person.
Tell us about your latest release, Beta.
Mallory Petersen is a Fourth Degree Black Belt and private investigator. When not instructing her martial arts students she finds herself taking on cases and clients coming that are a little odd. However, when she is hired to find kidnapped eight year old Cindy McGee, Mallory uncovers participants in the dark underworld of child pornography. She follows a trail leading her around the capital city of Des Moines, to south central Iowa, and onto the Quad Cities. With a handsome detective as her temporary partner, they continue the search. Mallory puts her emotions, her morals, and her life on the line her quest to save an innocent. The serious nature of the subject matter is tempered by humorous scenes showing off Mallory’s various talents and skills.
Is it available in print, ebook, and Kindle formats?
It’s available for Kindle, Nook, and various other e-formats.
What are your protagonist’s strengths? Flaws?
Mallory is strong, beautiful, and a proficient martial artist. She cares about her students and her cases. She cherishes her friends. She’s quirky, witty, and funny. However, she has problems reining in her emotions. Because she cares so much about saving the girl, she steps over the line a few times in getting her information. She also has lingering problems from a case the month before. Those will be addressed in the next book.
Can you tell us about current or future projects?
I’m looking to have the sequel to Beta published next year. I’m also working on the sequel to Night Shadows as well as another private investigator story tentatively entitled New Year Gone. I’ve also outlined a few other stories and eager to begin on those.
Where can folks learn more about your books and events, Stephen?
Stop by for a visit at:                                

Thanks for dropping by, Stephen. Wishing you the best of sales.

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