Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jessica Acosta's THE FORETELLING

Jessica Acosta, author of The Foretelling: Quest of the Auras, dropped by for a visit.
Jessica, please tell us something about yourself that readers might be surprised to learn.
I think readers would be surprised to learn that, not only am I passionate about writing, but also science. I am currently attending college to study Anthropology, which is the study of everything human: past civilization, present urban settings, evolution, and much more. I am hoping to focus more on the Ethnographical aspect of Anthropology, which means I would study the culture of different existing civilizations, most likely small tribes. One of my greatest aspirations is to study a tribe in the Rain Forest. I am very eager to learn how they live off the land and am hoping to write a book about precisely how important our Rain Forests are, to us and to its inhabitants. Save the Rain Forest, save the world!
What books or authors have influenced you?
A few big names that stick out are the famed J.K. Rowling and C.S. Lewis. They both created an entirely new world that everyone fell in love with, which is greatly inspiring and is exactly what I strive to do with my own writing. I’m also not afraid to say that I am a TwiHard fan (Go Team Edward!). Stephanie Meyer is an amazing writer. But her stand-alone book, The Host, is by far my favorite from her collection; maybe one of my favorite books of all time. Even the third time reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I almost cried when I found out it is going to be made into a movie! I’m also a fan of John Connolly, Douglas Adams, and, being a lover of science, I adore Charles Darwin works.
What has been your most rewarding experience during the writing process?
I would have to say that the most rewarding experience of writing is that feeling of control, the feeling that nothing can hold you back from the ideas floating around in your mind just waiting to be put to paper (or computer). When I write, I am oblivious to everything around me. Anything negative that I may be dealing with at a given time disappears when I’m sitting at my desk generating characters, plots, entire worlds! It’s almost like writing creates a balance to my life. I’ve spent almost my entire life writing; it’s who I am.
Tell us about your latest release, The Foretelling: Quest of the Auras.
The Foretelling is about a very introverted young woman named Jamie who, along with her brother and his best friends, starts a new life in Las Vegas, NV. On a hiking trip, Jamie and Brandon (her brother) fall into a hidden cave where they discover one of the most beautiful rocks they have ever encountered. Soon after, they are both attacked by a mysterious creature in the darkness, almost losing their lives. It isn’t until a few months later that they realize whatever it was that attacked them…changed them, and they soon discover a secret, hidden society of humans who can transform into mythical creatures. Jamie’s life is turned upside down when a prophecy is revealed to her; a prophecy, if not fulfilled, could end the human world in a bloody battle between races; a prophecy in which she is the star of; a prophecy known as The Foretelling.
Is it available in print, ebook, and Kindle formats?
Yes. It is available both in print and ebook format.
It can be found in print at: CreateSpace
It is available on Smashwords in numerous formats:
Also on Amazon Kindle,
What are your protagonist’s strengths? Flaws?
Jamie has a very great weakness that she practically wears across her forehead. Self-doubt. She is also an introvert, which makes her very shy and guarded, but rivaled to her self-doubting demeanor, all of that looks like an ant compared to an elephant. She is told she is in a prophecy by many different entities: friends, strangers, Gods and Goddesses even! And, yet, she still finds room to doubt all of them. But that weakness makes for a very interesting inner battle.
I would have to say her strength is her selflessness. Even though she doubts herself, she pushes through all of it for the sake of everyone else. She isn’t a leader, but she does her best to lead nonetheless. She doesn’t believe she is the one The Foretelling spoke of, but she still tries to succeed in the mission for the safety of the entire world. That is a lot to be put on one person’s shoulders, but she deals with it. It is one of her most endearing qualities to me.
Can you tell us about current or future projects?
I am very excited to be working on the sequel to The Foretelling. I am not an outline type of writer; I tend to just write with an idea of what is going to happen and make changes as necessary, so when things sort of come together on their own, it’s such a great feeling. That’s exactly how the sequel, Yellow Horizon: War of the Auras, has been right from the beginning. It will be a joy when it is finally finished.
My project after that is going to be completely different than the Aura Series. It is going to be starring the Devil, so, naturally, it will be very dark and twisted, indeed. I cannot wait to get started on that one.
Where can folks learn more about your books and events?
All information about me as an author, about my books, blogs, etc., can be found at my website:


Anonymous said...

Wow, this book sounds really awesome!! I've never heard of Jessica Acosta but, new authors are always fun! I really enjoyed hearing about the main character in her book, now I shall go download it! Plus saving the rain forest is a great idea! :) :)

Jessica Acosta said...

A big thanks to Susan for interviewing me! New authors need as much publicity as possible :)

Thanks also to the anonymous commenter :)

Natalie said...

I just recently finished Jessica's book, and it was absolutely amazing!! It will keep you wanting more with every page, especially when its over. I cannot wait to read the sequel, and I pray someday that it will become a movie! Jessica is such an awesome writer...I am anxious to read everything she writes in the future! Congratulations on your accomplishments!!

Susan Whitfield said...

Jessica, I enjoy helping other authors, new and not so new. We all need all the help we can get to promote our work. Aonymous and Natalie, so glad you visited the blog. Enjoy Jessica's book and check back for more books and authors of interest. Many of the blog interviews are archived, so feel free to toggle down and leave comments or questions.