Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yes, I admit that I'm slightly cracked

It's such an exciting time with the recent release of Slightly Cracked, my first women's fiction and book signings and parties coming up soon. I thought I'd tell you my inspiration for this book. I went through menopause for seven years and wasn't allowed to take HRT because of my fibrocystic disease. It was a hellacious time to be in a career with people around me all the time and in high stress situations. Now that I'm semi-over that phase, I can look back and laugh about some of it. I thought it would be fun to have two women going through some of the same problems I had.

Slightly Cracked is mostly about lifelong friendship, though. I name a main character Daisy Marie after Rose Marie, one of my bffs since we were babies, born two weeks apart. We grew up together and when I wasn't at her house, she was at mine. What a treasure she still is! But I have to admit that we never did all the things in this book. Truly, we didn't, but it would have been unforgettable if we had.

Daisy Marie is an electrologist, who snatches the hair right off tender body parts. Mackie Sue Beanblossom, her bff, is a high school principal. Together they get into all kinds of hysterical situations. At least the ladies are hysterical. They often over-react.

In the book, both women become suspicious of their husbands, work out nearly every day at the gym or walk through the subdivision with gaggles of geese following close behind.  (A gosling had imprinted on Daisy several years earlier and that starts what becomes the goose parade of Old Dickeywood.) What starts out as the neighborhood joke eventually becomes a huge goose problem, with the critters eating up gardens and fertilizing front yards, driveways, and the subdivision road throughout.

When Daisy falls off her bicycle and has a concussion, things begin to spin out of control for both women. All kinds of unimaginable things happen but their friendship remains strong.

I hope you'll check out the book, now available in print and digital. On Monday, I am a guest on "Dames of Dialogue" with Maggie Bishop. Check out that blog post if you can, and please excuse my profanity in discussing hot flashes and dark hair in strange places. On Tuesday, I'm over at for "The Write Trail".

To celebrate the new release, several North Carolina stores are holding Girls Night Out events to showcase Slightly Cracked and give us another reason to drink wine and lattes. YAAAAH!
Come if you can. Events will be posted on my web site, under the events tab.

To purchase:

Want a free copy? Post comments here about a funny or hideous experience you had with menopause. I'll select a winner.


Teena Stewart said...

It's great to meet another cracked NC writer. Would love to feature on my blog.

Susan Whitfield said...

Congratulations to LJ Garland who won a free copy of Slightly Cracked for commenting on the Dames blog.