Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shawn Oetzel's Dying Moon

My guest today is Shawn Oetzel, author of Dying Moon. Shawn, welcome and tell us a little about yourself.

I am a father of three great kids – two of which are now teenagers, and one overprotective pooch named Hemingway! When not writing I work as a Probation Officer in Illinois. I am a big sports fan – especially Chicago sports. I have been writing pretty seriously for several years now and hope to one day be able to write full time.

What books came along at just the right time to influence your reading/writing?

Terry Brooks’ novel The Sword of Shannara was given to me the summer my mother got remarried. I was staying with my dad at the time and a neighbor loaned me the book because I played Dungeons & Dragons. That book got me through a tough summer of transition and got me hooked on the fantasy genre. I devoured every fantasy novel I could get my hands on after that, and still to this day I look forward to the release of Mr. Brooks’ new novels like it was Christmas Morning.
Later in life on a whim I picked up Thomas Harris’ book, Red Dragon which really opened my eyes to the thriller and crime fiction genres.

What are your writing goals?

My only real goal is to be able to write full time. I would love to be able to support my family with my writing. I do have this fantasy though of one day walking into a Barnes & Nobles and seeing someone pick a book of mine of the shelf.

What is your most rewarding experience during the writing process?

There is absolutely no feeling like being informed that something I have written has been accepted for publication. The desire to recapture that moment of pure happiness is what drives me to better myself as a writer.

Tell us about your latest book. Is it available in print and e-book formats?

Dying Moon is a speculative fiction tale. I it mixes the fantasy and crime fiction genres. I always wondered what would happen if somehow my two favorite genres were somehow combined and Dying Moon is the answer to that question.
The story focuses on and Elf, Kalen Or’wain and his exploits in Los Angeles where he is sent to stop a rogue Elf from completing a ritual that will turn the moon into a weapon of mass destruction. Along the way he is helped by an enigmatic FBI Agent and an LAPD Homicide Detective. Together these three race against time to stop Kalen’s enemy from unleashing a genocidal magic against the Elven race.

Where do you write? When? What do you have around you?

I tend to write in the evening when my household has settled in for the night. I like to pop in a movie for background noise while I am writing. I write everything out on legal pads which I know is different from most. I find if I am sitting in front of a monitor I freeze up and cannot seem to get the creative juices flowing. So, I write everything out on a legal pad and then type it up at a later time. The only thing I have to have is a glass of ice cold Dr. Pepper.

Any current projects?

I am currently shopping around a full length novel titled The Agency. It is a stand-alone novel that follows the story of one of the characters from Dying Moon. It is more commercial fiction and has a little of everything. Fans of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child as well as Dan Brown and the movie "National Treasure" along with the Arthurian Legend will enjoy The Agency.

Where can folks learn more about your books and events?

Fans can follow me on Twitter and Facebook or they can email me with any questions or requests.


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Sheila Deeth said...

Cool. I like your writing goals--wish you success with them. Mixed genres sound so much more interesting--less predictable. And elves in LA sounds fun