Monday, September 13, 2010

A weekend of remembrance

Like many of you, I attended a touching memorial to 9/11 victims and the families they left behind. I'm very patriotic and it shows. I love this country and I love my family and friends, so this weekend became a time to reminiscese about family and friends who touched my life--for many years or only a fleeting moment--and I'll never be the same.
I often bring memories into my writing, and even though I write about child abuse and killers, I actually had a wonderful wholesome childhood with two great parents who loved me and taught me about God, the Golden Rule, and a multitude of other things that have made me who I am. God created me and they molded me.

I thank God for each one of them, many no longer here, who provided unconditional love but let me spread my wings and find myself. If I'm fortunate enough to write many more books, there will be pieces of me in each one.
Can you find me?
Ahhhhh, that's part of the mystery, isn't it?

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