Thursday, September 27, 2012

Slightly Cracked update

Good morning, folks. I'm sorry I've been away from the post for so long. I finished Slightly Cracked, my first women's fiction and now we're doing "final" edits. The process takes time and we're running a little behind because of some miscommunication on where to send the mock-up while I was vacationing on the other side of the country. Now it seems that the release will be near the end of October.

Advance readers have given the book high marks, and I'm delighted that they're giggling and passing the word to get a copy once it makes its debut. The book chronicles the daily lives of lifelong pals, Mackie Sue aka Sugar Babe Beanblossom and Daisy Marie Hazelhurst. They deal with marital insecurities, health problems, work problems, and hot flashes along the journey.

Back blurb:
In Slightly Cracked, Sugar Babe Beanblossom and best pal, Daisy Marie Hazelhurst, have been buddies since they were born two weeks to the day apart. Living near each other, they share happy and sad memories, outrageous antics and giggles, marital and health glitches. The only thing that threatens their lifelong friendship is the Old Dickeywood subdivision goose controversy.
When Daisy takes a nasty spill on her bike, Sugar Babe races to her side. After two trips to the ER, Daisy is diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome and tests reveal an even more sinister affliction. As Daisy weakens, Sugar Babe embraces the realization that friends must encourage and protect one another through difficult circumstances, and …

 “Driving Miss Daisy” takes on a whole new meaning.

This book is dedicated to those few true friends who hang in there with us through thick and thin and help weave us into better human beings.

Thanks for continuing to follow this blog. I'm ready to interview lots more authors, so stay tuned for some good reads during the fall and winter months, and get in touch if you're interested in guesting.