Monday, May 5, 2014

Promoting THE BAD WIFE

I've been asking authors to weigh in on how they promote and what experiences they've encountered so that we can all learn from them. Here's Jacqueline Seewald's reponse:

My new mystery novel THE BAD WIFE has just been published by Perfect Crime Books so promotion is very much on my mind. Since the novel took a lot of time and effort to write, I certainly want to pique the interest of readers and have them know it exists. I have found that several of my writer groups are supportive and I appreciate the help fellow authors provide. I will be blogging as a guest on several sites for my novel in the next few months. This will add to exposure. I don't believe Facebook or Twitter have done much to help with sales or readership, but other writers may not agree. I am not especially active on social media. Perhaps one has to initiate a more aggressive campaign. My novel has received a very good review from the Gumshoe Review. I believe that will be helpful in promotion. Good reviews are important to sales.

Thanks, Jacquie!   Comments are encouraged!