Sunday, April 19, 2015

Libby Grandy has promises to keep

Libby Grandy lives in Claremont, California with her husband, Fred. She writes a weekly blog, hosts a critique group and belongs to Inland Empire Branch of The California Writers Club. Libby’s novels, Desert Soliloquy, a mystery, Promises to Keep, Book One of the Haverford Trilogy, and Lydia, Book Two, are available on Amazon. True Abundance, Book Three of the trilogy will be
published in 2016.

Libby, welcome to the blog! Have a latte and a cookie while we talk about your books.

Thank you, Susan. Sounds good.

You're such busy lady. How many books have you written?

I've written four books, published three and am editing the fourth for publication in 2016.

Give a short synop of your most recently published book.

Some people make a difference by simply being who they are. They provide a spiritual haven for others. Lydia Nelson is such a person. When people are with her, they have a clearer sense of themselves. In Lydia, Book Two of the Haverford Trilogy, the problems of a family in a small town mirror the stress—and danger—of modern life.

Sounds intriguing.

Do you travel to do research or for inspiration? Can you share some special places with us.

I did not have to travel to write Book One and Two of my trilogy, as my memories of the countryside in Virginia where I lived for over forty years served me well. I lived in a rural environment until we moved to California when I was forty-one. For my mystery, Desert Soliloquy, I traveled to Durango, Colorado and visited the beautiful mesas where the Anasazi once lived. I used the ghost town, Calico, in the high desert of California, as a template for my fictional setting of Odessa in the novel and visited the town often. On one visit, I collected epitaphs from the old tombstones in the graveyard there. I sat in the shade of one of the tall tombstones, typing, when I realized someone was standing beside me. A woman looked down and asked, “Are you from L.A.?” I guess if you are leaning against a tombstone in the desert, at high noon, typing on a laptop, you must be from L.A. (We live forty miles south of L.A. in Claremont.)

What do you think is the greatest lesson you’ve learned about writing so far and what advice can you give new writers?

What I've learned over the years is to just enjoy writing. It is a gift, as well as a welcome distraction at times. My advice to new writers is to write from the heart. Don't concern yourself about what is presently trending, as it probably won't be by the time you finish your book. Learn about marketing but don't focus on it until you have a good, clean, well-written novel. Join critique groups that are helpful, not critical. I have advice about that on my website. Most importantly, learn the craft of writing before you publish your work.

Good advice, Libby.

We all know how important promoting our work has become. How do you get the word out both off and online?

I promote my novels on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Goodreads. I write a weekly blog and mention them whenever I can. I attend book fairs in Southern California. I belong to the Inland Empire Branch of the California Writers Club and encourage fellow members to write reviews for me.

Can you tell us your future writing goals/projects?

I am editing the third book in my trilogy, True Abundance, and hope to publish it in January 2016. I still have some research to do. I've written around 30,000 words on a new novel, The End is the Beginning, and will continue writing on it after editing Book Three of the trilogy.

Where can folks learn more about your books and events?

My published novels can be found on Amazon at and my published articles on my website,

It's been nice to meet you, Libby. I wish you continued success with your writing.