Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grow Your Creative Career

Gary, Goldstein has been helping writers navigate the screenwriter world for years. I'm posting the message I got today. Read the note and head over to the link if you're interested in learning new strategies.

Good morning, Susan.I hope you're well and enjoying an amazing day.
For the last year, I've been pouring my passion, time and energy into my first book about how to successfully navigate Hollywood as a screenwriter. Today, I’m excited to take a big step toward self-publishing and birthing this this book out into the world by launching our first-ever Kickstarter campaign. 
So please take a peek, lend a hand if you’re inclined and share it with as many friends, writers and creative souls as possible. This book contains every smart, simple strategy I’ve discovered to launch and grow your creative career and make it a real business.
My personal goal is to build a vibrant community for creatives where we find collaborators, get feedback on our projects, learn new tools and techologies, gain access to people, distribution, ideas and so much more… and this book is where it starts.

It'd mean the world to me if you'd click this link, watch my short video and help spread the word by simply clicking the Facebook and Twitter buttons on that page. Just two clicks makes a HUGE difference!
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Monday, April 22, 2013

The heat is on with erotic writer, Aubrey Brown

            Aubrey Brown was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has had a passion for writing for as long as she can remember. The first book she read, outside of a school assignment, was a pilfered romance from her mother’s collection. And she has been addicted to the written word ever since. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has one incredible son. She started writing to tell fabulous stories to those who want to read something different from the average erotica. She is a firm believer that there is a happily ever after for anyone who has the courage and conviction to reach for it.   

Welcome to the blog, Aubrey. 

Thanks, Susan! It's great to be here.

Where do you live, and how has your environment affected your writing?

 I still live in Salt Lake City, Utah. And the environment in which I work in is highly supported by friends and family. My husband is my biggest fan! Utah is a very conservative state to reside, but when people find out that I am an erotica novelist they are either highly intrigued or thoroughly disgusted, which they later tell me they went online out of curiosity. We own our home, and my husband provided me an office dedicated to my writing. 

How many books have you written?

 Ravenous is my very first published novel. I have written other works before, but I was fortunate enough to find a company that believed in my work.

Congratulations! Give a short synopsis of Ravenous.

            Emma Westlake is engaged to a Duke, whom she does not want to marry. There are rumors circulating through the ton that the Duke is responsible for his wife's death.
Feeling as if her life is in danger, Emma must flee to a castle near the sea to be a governess to two adoptive children. She is employed by a man who is eccentric. There are no mirrors in the home, and he is never about during daylight.
Gabriel Saxon-Worthington has no idea who this mystery woman is, save her name, Mercy, and the sudden impulse to sink his fangs into her.
They are both seduced by each other's brand of secrecy and engage in an affair that could lead to a deadly end. Gabriel is a vampire with a lust for Mercy's blood, but will they be able to find eternity together before the Duke discovers her, or will he remain Ravenous?

How much of yourself is hidden in the characters in the book?

            Emma/Mercy is completely opposite of me, looks wise, but her determination and spirit of heart are exactly like me. She is a no-nonsense  woman who sees the world through eyes of faith and hope in her friends and in humanity. She loves and supports every person she comes across. However, I must say that her determination sometimes makes her terribly stubborn. Which is not me at all.

Do your characters take on a life of their own? If so, which is your favorite?

            When I was writing the novel the characters did what they wanted and there were instances where I said, “No, what are you doing?!” For example, Gabriel was infuriating when he denied his love for Emma/Mercy. In the end, all was well and love prevailed. My favorite character was the sadistic duke. I loved writing such a mean-spirited man that had no morals and a non-existent soul. I loved the contrast he gave in the book for the good versus evil sub-plot.

What challenges did you face while writing this book?

            The difficulty came before I started to write the novel. This is a period piece and a vampire story to boot. To have a certain accuracy, I did extensive research on 1820’s Europe and vampire lore. I want the reader to feel as if they are there standing with the characters and know their surroundings. Vivid detail is the key to making sure the reader can accurately distinguish the time shift within the novel. It took months of planning and learning before I could actually start writing.

What do you think is the greatest lesson you’ve learned about writing so far? What advice can you give new writers?

            The greatest lesson I have learned is that you should make sure you understand what you are writing and do your homework. If you do not do your research, your reader will read that and become despondent with your writing. You are giving them a fantasy. They purchase your work based upon the synopsis and genre. They want to read historical, or they want to read paranormal. And if you fall short they will tell you.
            My advice to new writers is never give up! Keep writing and keep submitting. Everyone gets rejection letters. Everyone receives bad reviews, not everyone is going to love your style of writing, but if you keep striving, someday you will fly. ‘A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.’ –Richard Bach.

Where do you store ideas for later use: in your head, in a notebook, or on a spreadsheet?

            I mostly keep my ideas within my head. I generally get my best inspiration when I am in bed trying to sleep. I was blessed with an exceptional memory, and I can usually retain my idea for later use.

Can you tell us your future writing goals/projects?

            I am currently working on the sequel to Ravenous. It is titled Hunger, and after that is completed, I will be composing Crave.  I have also written a Holiday novel for next November. I like to plan ahead. For now, my plans are to entertain and please as many individuals as I can. I hope readers will find my book pleasing and grant me the gift of buying my other future works.

Where can folks learn more about your books and events?

            I am on Facebook, Good Reads, and Amazon. The best way to keep track of my work is my Author’s page via Facebook.

Are your books available in print and ebook formats?    

            My book is an e-read exclusive. My publisher’s website is formatted to download to any digital device you may have, They have incredibly easy steps to assist you in transferring your copy to your digital device, Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPad mini, I-Phone, Smartphone, ANY device you may have. Now if you want to download Ravenous directly to your Kindle you can do that on Amazon,

And I am currently waiting for Barnes and Noble to upload their copy. The book can also be found on borders KOBO, ITunes Ibookstore,, Google Play bookstore, and lastly Sony Bookstore. So if you are interested in a wonderful historical/paranormal erotica, with a very sweet and satisfying plot and ending, this is the novel for you. It is an easy read at 92 pages long. The work is rated Sextreme (no purple prose, blunt terms used, extremely hot), and the reviews thus far have been humbling and generous.