Saturday, September 19, 2015

I made history!

I have submitted my first historical fiction for publication. WHEW! 
Writing this novel about a medieval ancestor was challenging and rewarding. I got to know so much about Geoffrey V Plantagenet, who married King Henry's daughter, Matilda, and fathered the long line of Plantagenet kings of England.

I researched every account of the real events I could find, and wove my imagination into the dialogue and gaps in history. I hope it will be a fairly accurate account of that time and these people.

I decided to title the book Sprig of Broom because Geoffrey wore a sprig of broom bloom in his cap whenever it was available. I designed my own book cover, letting my imagination spin away from using real broom and instead using glass and metal. I like it and I hope readers will be drawn to it.
 What do you think?