Monday, April 21, 2014

Promoting the Emma Winberry Mysteries

Helen shares her promotional experience:
I belong to a health club. They are my most eager buyers. Always ask when my next book is due. The manager allows me to set up a table in the lobby and sell all day, if I want to.
I have an extensive mailing list and send out postcards when a new book is out. I also e-mail libraries with a large mystery readership and ask them to stock the book.
My publisher sends out press releases and contacts local and regional newspapers and magazines.
Marketing is the most time consuming aspect of being a writer, but it is essential. I am older and do as much as I can. When my energy lags, I take a break.
I've found that attending author fairs and arts and craft fairs can sell books. My most recent book in the series is Locked Within.  website
I have been marketing my books for ten years and the best tool is face to face marketing. I wear a t-shirt with the name of my series on it-The Emma Winberry mystery series. I speak at women's clubs. That has been very effective because they tell other groups about me.