Sunday, January 17, 2010

Radio Interviews

This is the second part of a book publicity series. Again, Lynda O'Connor of O'Connor Communications gives tips on how to get a radio interview and get the most out of it.

Lynda, tell us how to get those interviews.

When you want to get on the radio, you can go to www.radiolocator and put in the city you want and then check on all of the websites of the shows that come up. You can also go to the library and ask for a media directory called Cision. Get the directory called Radio. If you would rather, you can buy this directory. Try going online to see if there are other radio media directories. You local public relations association may have a media directory you can buy. In Chicago, the Publicity Club of Chicago has a directory like this. Call them to inquire how to purchase it.
After you determine what talk shows have guests that discuss books, contact producers of these shows by email and then call them see if they are interested in having you on their show. You need a press release on your book, a photo of the cover, and your bio. Tell the producer why he should have you on the air - what his listeners will learn if you are on the show, and how your book is unique and worthwhile. If the producer is interested, he will want you to send him your book.

What tips can you offer us for an effective radio interview?
1. Have two or three key points you want to make, and listen for questions that you can answer with a key point or two.

2. When the producer or host calls, ask how long he expects you to be on the air. This will guide your pace and let you know if you need to make your points early.

3. Before you go on the radio, send the producer your book, your photo, a summary of the book, and some questions that you would like to be asked by the host of the show. Include the answers you would say on the show.

4. Ask the producer for the host’s name, and use his first name at least once in your conversation. Listeners will assume you are friends with the host and that he has read and enjoyed your book.

5. Radio hosts are good about mentioning the book at the beginning and end of the conversation, but any time you can mention the book, say the title, not just “my book.”

6. Listen for opportunities to refer to your book. For instance, “If the host says he understands Dr. Snow believed strongly in doctor-patient relationship, say, “Yes, there are examples of this throughout my book, "Snowblind: The Life and Times of Dr. Don Snow". Then related a short but excellent anecdote about this.

7. Let people know that you will be on the radio. Put it on your Linked in, Facebook and Twitter sites. Try to link the interview to your own website and to your social media sites.

Readers, you are invited to ask questions and make comments.

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L. Diane Wolfe said...

I done a lot of radio interviews and those are all good points! And to me common sense, but as we know, that's not so common!

Susan Whitfield said...

Lynda, what should be in our press kits?