Monday, May 24, 2010

Anne Patrick returns

My guest today is Anne Patrick, back for a second visit. Welcome back, Anne and even though I have previously interviewed you, please give new blog visitors a brief bio.

Well, I’m a suspense junkie with a bad habit of mixing chocolate and diet colas when writing which can, and often does, lead to mayhem. The proof being almost a dozen romantic suspense novels that are either published or under contract at this time. I do have a lighter side in the form of an alter ego named Kinzie Monroe who writes inspirational romance. When I’m not killing off people or falling in love with dashing heroes, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and traveling to foreign countries to experience new cultures.

Wow! What a great life!
What books came along at just the right time to influence your reading/writing?

I’d have to say Dee Henderson has been the most influential. I love how she can tell a spine-tingling tale laced with Christian themes.

Why do you use a pen name?

If you knew my last name you wouldn’t ask that question :-). Actually my mother came up with my first pen name, Anne Patrick. The second, Kinzie Monroe, I concocted at the advice of my publisher. We didn’t want a reader to pick up my inspirational romance, expecting murder and mayhem, and then be disappointed.

You have two new books. Congratulations! Please give us a short synopsis of Ties That Bind and Out of the Darkness.

Thank you, Susan. Well if you like reading about serial killers and the FBI profilers that hunt them, you won’t be disappointed with these.

Ties That Bind pits physic profiler Jo McDaniels against a sadistic killer in her former home town, and helping her is the handsome sheriff, Austin Garrett, who doesn’t quite know how to handle Jo’s unusual gift which allows her to tell him things that even the coroner doesn’t know. Things really get tense when they figure out that Jo could be the killer’s next victim.
Out of the Darkness (May release) has ex-FBI Profiler, Alex Michaels, forced into hiding by the serial killer who murdered her twin sister and left her with a career ending injury. Meeting up with an ex-pro football player who is also facing an uncertain future, Alex makes Royce McIntire an offer he can’t refuse. Settling into her new life, Alex has no idea the killer is hot on her tracks along with the team of FBI agents who failed to protect her before. When they all catch up to her, not only is her peaceful life shattered, but once again her life is in jeopardy.
Out of the Darkness is a perfect example of a story done right. You'll keep turning pages because you can't wait to find out who the villian really is and how the story will play out. Once you finish this book, you'll be searching for more from Anne Patrick, and you can find what you seek on her website. To purchase your copy of this amazing suspense thriller, visit Champagne Books.
Read the whole review at

Great review, Anne.
How do you think your writing has progressed since your first book?

It has gotten tighter and less passive, thanks to some wonderful editors who took the time to point out my flaws and made suggestions of how to improve my style.

When do you accomplish your best writing?

I’m a night owl, so usually about the time most normal people are sound to sleep in their comfy beds I’m creeping along dark alleys either searching for a killer or looking for my next victim.

After hours of intense writing, how do you unwind?

Music. Not only do I write by it, I can’t get to sleep without it. Now if it’s during the day, a long walk at the lake or a game of Frisbee with my German Shepherd, Zoe, usually does it.

Both novels have profilers but the characters and settings are different. How did you keep confusion at bay while writing the books simultaneously?

Actually the books were written a few years apart with books in between them. Out of the Darkness is the prequel to my first published book, Every Skull Tells a Story. I was midway through it when the characters in ESTAS starting bugging me. They were so insistent I had to put aside Out of the Darkness and tell their story first. Now seven books later, I’m thrilled that Jo and Royce finally get to tell theirs.

Anne, it's been great to interview you again. Let me know when the next book's out.
Where can we purchase these books and get more information about you?

Ties That Bind can be purchased through Awestruck Publishing and Out of the Darkness through Champagne Books or you can buy them at most online bookstores. I have buy links to both on my website: and my blog:
Thanks for another great interview, Anne.

Thank you for having me back, Susan. I’ve enjoyed it! I'd like to offer a PDF copy of either Out of the Darkness or Ties That Bind to one of the commenters. Would you like to draw a name at the end of the day on Tuesday?

Sure! That's very generous of you, Anne. Okay, bloggers, here's your chance. Just leave a comment in the link below for your chance to win the PDF.


Laura Elvebak said...

Great interview, Susan and Anne. Both books look intriguing. My kind of mystery.

Pauline said...

Intriguing interview. I like to mix chocolate and Diet Dr Pepper, so we have something in common. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Susan. Thanks again for having me.

Hi Laura and Pauline. Thank you so much for dropping by.

Pauline, I like Diet DP too. Just about any soda as long as it's diet and has lots of caffine *grin*

Miss Mae said...

Ooh, all of Anne's books sounds so great because they simply ARE!!!

Well, hold the Dr. Pepper for me while I pig-out on chocolate! LOL

Pauline said...

I like Diet Dr Pepper best, but will drink most diet sodas when available. LOL!

Susan Whitfield said...

I'm addicted to green tea myself although I occasionally enjoy a Dr. Pepper.

Gail Pallotta said...

A great interview, and it sounds like two more page turners. I've read Lethal Dreams by Anne and thought it was a great book.

Anne Patrick said...

Thank you so much ladies!

Now we all know you prefer your grandpappy's lemonade, Miss Mae *wink*.

Betty Gordon said...

Susan, another great interview!
Anne, your new releases are my kind of reading.

Betty Gordon

Crystal Ennis said...

Hope I'm not to late to enter your drawing. I love Anne's writing and I've been dying to get my hands on her new releases.

Susan Whitfield said...

And the winner of the free pdf is....Gail Pallotta. Congrats, Gail. I'm sure Anne will be in touch.

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