Monday, August 30, 2010

Michael McCarty's Hell of a Job

Michael McCarty popped in for a visit today. Michael, it's a pleasure to be interviewing you. For readers who are new to your work, give us a short biography.

Michael McCarty: I am a writer. Short enough? [Laughs]

It can be longer than that, silly. Go on.

Michael McCarty: I was a former stand-up comedian, musician, freelance writer and managing editor of a music magazine. I was married last Halloween to my girlfriend Cindy. I have a pet rabbit named Kitty The Bunny. I am the 2008 David R. Collins’ Literary Achievement Award winner from the Midwest Writing Center and a three times Bram Stoker Finalist from the Horror Writers Association.

Seventeen of my books have been published so far. By the end of this year, I will have my 20th book published and that is all since 2003. People call me “prolific” – but that is a polite word for insane [Laughs].

I write fiction and nonfiction and some of my more recent titles include Esoteria-Land, A Little Help From My Fiends, Liquid Diet: A Vampire Satire, Rusty The Robot’s Holiday Adventures [co-written with Sherry Decker], Fallen Angel [co-written with Amy Grech], and A Hell Of A Job.

My upcoming titles for this year include Professor LaGungo’s Classroom Of Horrors [co-written with Mark McLaughlin] and Masters Of Imagination.

Wow! You really are Tell us about your latest books. Are they available in print and e-book formats?

Michael McCarty: My very latest books are A Hell Of A Job, a short story collection from Damnation Books and the kid’s book Rusty The Robot’s Holiday Adventures [co-written with Sherry Decker].

A Hell Of A Job is 25 short stories and is available as an e-book and trade paperback. Rusty The Robot’s Holiday Adventures is available as a trade paperback. The storyline for Rusty: Is what would happen in the future if a robot, which was ancient technology, was found in a brave new world? The book is set sometime between 25 and 50 years ahead of the present.

Do you have a philosophy about writing horror?

Michael McCarty: Writers and editors always say: “You need to grab a reader with a hook.” I use meat hooks. [laughs]

I like to mix a lot of genres together. Probably my love of horror comes from reading a ton of different genres as a kid and growing up reading Dean Koontz novels. He likes to genre hop, too.

I try to write the most entertaining tales possible. I haven’t heard any complaints yet or demands for money back, so I guess I’m succeeding.

Any current projects?

Michael McCarty: I am currently working on a sequel to Liquid Diet: A Vampire Satire, Masters Of Imagination, interviews with 25 horror, science fiction and fantasy writers and filmmakers including Ray Bradbury, Laurell K. Hamilton, Linnea Quigley, Joe Lansdale and more.


I am also working on Conversations With Kreskin which is an interview book with The Amazing Kreskin and a secret novel project with Joe McKinney and Jody R. LaGreca.

Is there a particular sub-genre that appeals to you most within horror?

Michael McCarty: I really like vampire novels and zombie movies. I’ve written a vampire novel that I’m shopping around, and my novel Monster Behind the Wheel does contain a lot of zombies. That book is going to be re-released next year from Medallion Press as an e-book, which Mark McLaughlin [the co-author] and I are really excited about.

I also like the sub-genre of humor and horror. I like to mix laughs and fear in one story.

Where can folks learn more about your books and events?

Michael McCarty: I have lots of sites, where people can find out about my books and myself.

I am on Facebook under “Michael McCarty – Davenport, Iowa.” Other sites:

Michael, thanks for the colorful interview. Wishing you great success!
Michael McCarty: Thank you, God bless and Godspeed.

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Su Halfwerk said...

Mike, this is a wonderful (and funny) interview. It's always a pleasure to read anything written by you.