Saturday, December 11, 2010

L.J. Sellers: PASSIONS

My guest today is L.J. Sellers, discussing her books. L.J., congratulations on the new book, Passions. I've read it and it's awesome writing, like the rest of your books. Please give us a short synopsis of each of your books.

Hi, Susan. Thanks. These are the one-sentence blurbs I use on my website:

The Sex Club: A dead girl, a ticking bomb, a Bible study that’s not what it appears to be, and a detective who won’t give up.

Secrets to Die For: A brutal murder, a suspect with a strange story, a missing woman with secrets to hide—Can Jackson discover the truth in time to save her?

Thrilled to Death: Two missing women with nothing in common, a dead body, and a suspect who hasn’t left his house in a year—Jackson’s most puzzling cast yet.

Passions of the Dead: A murdered family, two addicted suspects, and a deadly home invasion lead Jackson on the most disturbing case of his career.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a fifth Jackson book. In this novel, I tell part of the story from the POV of Detective Lara Evans, one of Jackson’s taskforce members who has been present in all the other stories. I’m having fun developing this secondary character. I’m also outlining a thriller that features Lara Evans twenty years in the future. It’s unusual and interesting to write about the same person at two different points in her life and different times in our culture. I love futuristic thrillers, but this is the first time I’ve attempted to write one. You’ll notice, I said attempted.

Oh, goody! I love the Jackson series. Bring it on!

Your Lethal Three-Layer Fiesta Dip is in the Killer Recipes cookbook.* Did you create it or is it an old family recipe?

I wish I could say I created it, but I saw it in a magazine many years ago. It was probably the Parade magazine that comes with the newspaper because I don’t subscribe to any homemaker publications. I’m not very domestic and I don’t do any baking or knitting, but I do cook almost everything we eat from scratch. My extended family loves this dip, and they ask me to bring it to every potluck, so I make it frequently. I wouldn’t call it healthy, but it’s not a worst-case scenario either.

Do you have upcoming events you’d like to mention?

The fourth book in my Jackson series, Passions of the Dead, is being released late this year, so I’ll be hosting some local book signings as well guest blogging. I’m also doing a book giveaway on BookTrib in November, and I’ll be selling and signing at the Holiday Market in December. The market is usually a terrific event for me. Eugene crime fiction fans love my series, and they often turn out to buy a signed copy even if they’ve already read the e-book version. I also plan to attend Left Coast Crime in late March. It’s a fun conference, and I’m excited to see Santa Fe. The LA Times Book Festival is on my list for next year too. It should be a great selling event.

Where can folks learn more about you and the Jackson series?

My website is loaded with information. I have an extensive bio on my About page, tons of photos, PDFs of my journalism work, excerpts from all six of my novels, book discussion questions, and links to my guest blogs. I also have a weekly e-book giveaway on my website for my two standalone thrillers: The Baby Thief and The Suicide Effect.

Where can readers purchase books, and in what formats?

My books are available in trade paperback and e-book formats. Print copies can be ordered from Amazon or almost any local bookstore, and you can buy my e-books on just about any reader or tablet—Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony, iPad, etc. The e-books are only $2.99, which readers think is a steal. The first book in the series, The Sex Club, is offered at a promotional price of $.99. I love that digital technology allows so many new readers to try my series at such a great price.

L.J., once again, it has been a pleasure. I'm truly a fan of your writing. Have a wonderful Christmas!

* Killer Recipes is a unique cookbook of recipes from mystery writers all over the country. I compiled the book and we're giving all proceeds to The American Cancer Society to help stomp out cancer in our lifetime. To purchase for yourself or for gifts, please head over to where you'll find Killer Recipes in print, ebook, and Kindle formats, in time for Christmas. Thanks for your support!


L.J. Sellers said...

I'm also giving away an e-book of your choice to a randomly selected commenter.

Vanessa Fagundes said...

hellooo!!!I´m from Brasil and met L.J. at twitter, now we follow each other... loved the interview and wanted so much to win an e-book from her!!! pleasseeee

Kari Wainwright said...

Since I recently "discovered" L.J. Sellers' work (The Suicide Effect) and think her storytelling ability is terrific, I'd love the chance to win another one to read (and review, of course).

gkw9000 [at]

Unknown said...

Great post, LJ! I don't need a copy of any of your books, but I'd love your dip recipe!

Susan Whitfield said...

I'm a big fan of L.J., too.

Peg Brantley said...

L.J., you are one busy woman! I love that you're finding success with e-books because you deserve it. Isn't it wonderful we live and write in a time when there is more than one way to build a fan base?

Love your one-liners for your books.

I read The Sex Club awhile ago, and truly enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading more of L.J. Sellers!

Anonymous said...

I like the cover of Abrahams Bones

Anonymous said...

Towering Pines!

Roberta said...

I vote for the cover of Red Storm Regime.