Monday, April 28, 2014

Another Promoting Experience: Marilyn Meredith

On line I'm fond of virtual book tours, I'm on one now:
This is day four and here's the blurb I sent out to my lists and to groups on Facebook:
I’m visiting Holli Castillo and I wrote about three old guys at McDonald’s.
Do stop by and leave a comment.
I've advertised here (on and many other places--but it's hard to tell what garners sales.
And I love Facebook and Twitter and have my own blog.

Marilyn Meredith

Thanks, Marilyn. I agree that authors need to look for venues outside of bookstores. I love to sign at wineries and coffee shops. Great perks, too!

What about the rest of you? And how to do connect with and draw folks to your books?


Mary Deal said...

All the venues mentioned are doable if you have them in your area. They're great. However, i live on an island with only two used bookstores and so many authors clamoring for signing dates. I do always give an talk with a Q&A session afterward. Have always found that lots of people wnat to know how to get started in writing, so I can get in a lot about that, plus how to get published and so on. I love talking and find I sell more books when I let people see who I am. We build rapport, which is so important. A potential buyer usually always buys a book if they feel they have something in common with you or your genre.

Mary Deal said...

After-thought: Sorry for the typos, am trying to work too fast and should know better.

Susan Whitfield said...

I agree, Mary. I live in a rural area and there's only one bookstore in the entire county. I have found lots of venues and been invited to many events because of social media as well. Making connections with folks is always worth it even if sales are slight. I often find that I've made new friends who buy books later and keep in touch over the years. I feel blessed to have "met" great people, including you.