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Bobby Nash shares diversity in writing

Bobby Nash writes prose (Evil Ways, Fantastix, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, Domino Lady, Sentinels: Alternate Visions, Full Throttle Space Tales: Space Sirens, Green Hornet & Kato, Secret Agent X, A Fistful of Legends, Earthstrike Agenda) and comics (Life In The Faster Lane, Fuzzy Bunnies From Hell, Demonslayer, Yin Yang, Bloody Olde Englund, Operation Silver Moon).

Bobby, thanks for dropping by. Share your writing background with us.

As a teenager I started writing comic book stories that I could draw because I wanted to be a comic book artist. Then my artist friends started asking me to write stories for them to draw. I quickly realized I was better at the writing and focused on that and eventually sold my first story.
Then one day I said, "I want to write a novel." So I did. It was terrible, but I finished it. That was a science fiction novel. Then, taking what I learned from writing that first one, I wrote novel #2, which was eventually published. That novel is Evil Ways, a suspense thriller. I seem to do the thrillers well so I’m focused on that genre.

When you started writing, what goals did you want to accomplish? Is there a message you want readers to grasp?

I write to entertain. Sometimes messages make their way into my stories, but they do so naturally as the story unfolds. I’ve never consciously set down to write a story just to push a message or agenda.

Tell us about your latest book. Series or stand-alone?

As I type this interview (October 2009), Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 2 was released. Lance Star: Sky Ranger is a pulp anthology series based on pulp aviator characters of old. Vol. 1 featured four Lance Star stories. Vol. 2 features one Lance Star story and four stories with other popular aviator characters. I wrote one story for each volume. Lance Star: Sky Ranger is produced by Airship 27 Productions and published by Cornerstone Books.

How do you develop characters? Setting?

I try to get to know my characters. If the characters feel real to me then they will feel real to the reader. In that regard I strive to make my characters three-dimensional. I know their likes and dislikes, hobbies, mannerisms, etc. Sometimes to do this I will "cast" the character so they have a voice I can hear.

An example: in my novel, Evil Ways, I cast brothers Harold and Franklin Palmer with the personalities of myself, and my brother, respectively. This helped me when writing them together because they talked to each other like brothers.

Do you have a specific writing style? Preferred POV?

To this point I’ve written with an omniscient narrator because I like to follow the various characters as they go in separate directions in the story. I have been wanting to try the single character POV and will probably do that on a project.

How does your environment/upbringing color your writing?

Growing up in the southern part of the United States, I write with sensibilities common to my area. I’m certain that speech patterns and mannerisms reflect this. For Evil Ways, I set the novel in a fictional town that was based mostly on the town where I live, but with a few locales not actually in my town that I wanted. As a child I was in the boy Scouts and loved to hike and camp so those things feed into my stories, for example.

Share the best review (or a portion) that you’ve even had.

Excerpts from Pulp Fiction Reviews review of Evil Ways:

One of the real joys of being a reviewer is the opportunity to discover new talent as it comes upon the literary scene. Such is the case with this particular thriller. It is the first novel by a talented young man that shows a great deal of promise for a truly amazing future.
Nash’s style is extremely polished for a beginner and he a comfortable storytelling pace that allows the reader to know the characters inside out. Whereas he also knows how to create knuckle-biting suspense that I found very effective.
Nash provides several clues and plays fair throughout leading them, and the reader, on an emotionally taut chase that escalated into a pulse-racing finale. The climax is a page-turning revelation and confrontation that had me completely captivated to the last word.

Excerpt from Ecto Magazine’s Evil Ways review:

For being his first novel, Evil Ways is definitely a good start. While the characters maybe a little stiff at first, it doesn’t take long for you to get caught in the books action and suspense. Bobby Nash proves that he is just as kick ass as a novelist as he is a comic book writer, so if you’re already a fan of his work Evil Ways will not disappoint

What are your current projects?

As I write novels, comic books, and short stories, I always have several projects going at one time. Currently, I am working on a novel. It is a thriller titled Blood Shot. As I type this I am roughly 50,000 words into it. The Evil Ways sequel, Evil Intent, is also in the works and I’ll focus on it after Blood Shot.

Short stories in production or awaiting publication include "A Fistful of Legends" (western), "Ravenwood: Stepson of Mystery" (pulp), "Secret Agent X" (pulp), "Weird Tales From The Zero Hour" (horror), and more "Lance Star: Sky Ranger" (pulp).

Where can folks learn more about your books and events?

I have an extensive web presence. You can find information on my projects and appearances at any of the following. (for the latest news)


Bobby, I'm wishing you continued success.


Anne Patrick said...

Great interview Bobby & Susan! Congrats on your latest works, Bobby, and I wish you success in all your future writing endeavors!

BobbyNash said...

Thanks, Anne. I apperciate the kind words.


Ellen Sallas, TAM said...

Great interview! I will be getting this book as soon as I can and I'll post you a review.

Keep writing and I'll see you at Imagicon!

Ellen C Maze

BobbyNash said...

Thanks, Ellen. If you buy it today (Easter) the publisher has it on sale for $5.99. Jumps back to $21.95 tomorrow. has all the details.