Monday, November 29, 2010

An Interview with Susanne Marie Knight

My guest today is author, Susanne Marie Knight.

Susanne, thanks for dropping by at this busy time of year. Congratulations on the success of Grave Future. Please give us a synopsis of the book.

Thank you, Susan! Here’s some background on Grave Future’s interesting history. This paranormal romantic suspense was first conceived for a publishing line that had the theme: Is he going to kiss her or kill her? In other words, the hero was to be mysterious--maybe good, maybe bad. The publishing line folded before Grave Future had a chance to be published. Then Dreams Unlimited acquired the book, and it gained best-seller status. Unfortunately that publisher went out of business, but Grave Future was soon picked up by LTDBooks. Again, my paranormal romantic suspense was on a best-seller list. But this publisher also closed its doors. Awe-Struck Publishing now features Grave Future where I hope it will have a permanent home!

You can't keep a good book down!

In writing Grave Future’s story, I used some of my experiences working for the federal Drug Enforcement Agency to enhance the book. I also worked at a federal correctional facility, where my training on how to use firearms came in handy! As for the storyline, I actually did get lost in the Poconos looking for a friend’s summer home, and the car was in fact, a yellow Triumph. My tiny car, unlike Jocelyn’s, fortunately survived the trip.

I can understand getting lost in the Poconos. I've done it in the rain.

Here’s Grave Future’s blurb:

* An innocent tourist dragged into a murder mystery featuring a Shakespeare-quoting ghost.

* A federal agent haunted by his desire to bring his cousin’s killer to justice.
When Jocelyn Hunter is stranded in an isolated cabin with an antagonistic stranger, she has no idea of the danger that awaits her. Fearing for her life, she resists her attraction to Dan Ferguson, even as she learns of the unlikely connection between a ghostly light and Dan’s unwavering obsession.
At first consumed with the desire to bring his cousin’s murderer to justice, federal agent Dan Ferguson sets aside his suspicion of the lovely Jocelyn. Soon, he is worrying about her safety, and grows to love her independent ways.

Jocelyn and Dan must overcome their differences and join forces to battle a desperate drug trafficker. Hanging in the balance are their very lives--their very future.

I think I'd fall in love with a ghost who quotes Shakepeare.

Who are the pivotal characters in the book and why?

The cast includes, Jocelyn Hunter--the unsuspecting tourist. Dan Ferguson--federal agent intent on bringing Perry Lyman to justice. Perry Lyman -- can he really be a drug trafficker? Velma Lyman -- Perry’s sister... and girlfriend of Ned Ferguson. Velma and Ned’s connection doesn’t fade with his death.

Will there be a sequel to Grave Future?

As it stands now, I don’t have plans for a sequel to Grave Future. But, never say never! :))

Do you have events planned for the holiday season?

This year we’re staying close to home and will celebrate with food, family, and friends. We have special recipes (kind of like those in the Killer Recipe collection!) that we like to share with our loved ones. Christmas music, games, and good conversation are also on the agenda, along with a few movie versions of A Christmas Carol. After a hectic year, it’s good to kick back and relax!

Where can readers learn more about you and your writing?

For information about me and my books, please visit my website at, and also blog I also have a newsletter and newsflash you can subscribe to. Just email: newsletter AT susanneknight DOT com!

You submitted recipes for the cookbook, Killer Recipes. I have made the Murderous Sour Cream Muffins and they're delicious! What other recipes did you submit, and why? Do any of them hold a special memory?

I’m so glad you enjoyed the Murderous Muffins, Susan! They’re a favorite at my house, too. And thanks so much for creating your marvelous Killer Recipes cookbook, with all its proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society. When I posted this info about the cookbook on my Facebook page, it got lots of interest!

Yes, I submitted four other recipes, all based on my mystery novels. For Tainted Tea For Two, there is the Tainted Tea Mix--another family favorite in the summertime. Feisty Mandarin Chicken Salad is based on my paranormal mystery, Competitors! This is a very easy recipe, and is also perfect for hot weather. Then there’s Dangerous Diner’s Chili, from The Wakefield Disturbance. This chili can hold its own in a chili cook-off... especially if more hot sauce is added!! And last, but definitely not least is the ever-popular Murder By Potato, also from Tainted Tea For Two. I love this one because it’s no muss, no fuss--just wrap the ingredients in foil and bake.

Susanne, I have enjoyed having you here. Please come again.

Thank you, Susan, for this wonderful opportunity to connect with your readers! Happy holidays to everyone!!

To you and yours as well. Here's the Tainted Tea Mix ( not really tainted!):

Tainted Tea Mix


2 cups instant orange drink mix
1/2 cup strawberry lemonade mix
1 cup diet lemon iced tea mix
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Pour ingredients into bowl and stir. Store in tightly covered container.

To serve, place 1 tablespoon of mixture into cup, fill with boiling water, and enjoy! Serves approximately 56.

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