Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paws-itively Cindy Reynders

Cindy lives in Cheyenne, Wyo. with her husband Rich and her little dog, Ewok. She is a marketing specialist for Laramie County School District 1. She also writes feature articles for the Public Schools Chronicle. She loves to travel, and visited the western Caribbean this past summer. Her favorite part of the entire trip was climbing to the top of the sun temple at the Altun Ha Mayan ruins in Belize, Mexico. Currently, she's hard at work on a new mystery.

Welcome, Cindy. Tell us what inspired your writing.

Inspiration for the first book I ever wrote came after reading a book written by one of my favorite writers. For some crazy reason, I thought to myself, 'Self, I could surely write just as good.' Hah! About a gazillion words and many manuscripts later, my first book, The Saucy Lucy Murders, was accepted for publication.

What's the series about?
The Saucy Lucy series is about two sisters who live in the small, fictional town of Moose Creek Junction, Wyoming. They own a cafe called, The Saucy Lucy Cafe and their family dynamics add a fun flair to the amateur crime-solving sleuth's escapades.

The Saucy Lucy Murders centers around Lucy's attempts to encourage her sister, Lexie, to back into the dating world again after a divorce. Unfortunately, all of Lexie's dates wind up six feet under, and the sisters strike out on their own to try and track down the murderer. In Paws-itively Guilty, Lurch, the giant stray mutt, joins the sisters when they attempt to solve the murder of their neighbor, who they find buried in her rose garden.

You submitted Paws-itively Guilty Goulash for Killer Recipes, a cookbook with proceeds going to cancer research. Tell us about that.
Paws-itively Guilty Goulash is a family recipe. It comes from my husband's aunt, who came up with the dish during the lean years of the 1940s when families had to make do with what they had because of rationing. It's tasty, and very simple to make!

Where can folks learn more about you and purchase your books?
Both of my books are available at and Barnes and Noble. Print and ebook versions are available.

Right now I'm in writing mode, so I don't have any events planned. If anyone would like to read more about me and my books, my website is I can be e-mailed through the website as well, and I love to visit with readers.

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