Thursday, February 9, 2012

Killer Recipes Cookbook Proceeds Donated

When my grandson, Caleb, was diagnosed with luekemia at the tender age of 2, my family and I were devastated. I felt truly helpless for the first time in my life. But now when I look back at all the pain he and his family and friends endured, I am eternally grateful for incredible doctors at Pitt Children's Hospital in Greenville, North Carolina and the latest research from The American Cancer Society and hospitals around the country who collaborated in efforts to save him. Caleb is now a healthy, happy 12-year-old and we are truly blessed to have him in our lives. 
What does my story have to do with the cookbook, Killer Recipes?  I wanted to do something other than write my usual checks to The American Cancer Society and my local Relay For Life. I decided to invite the huge network of mystery writers I'd connected with (mostly on Internet) to submit recipes for a cookbook in exchange for promotion underneath. I told them up front that the proceeds would be donated to cancer research--they wouldn't be getting any royalties. I was amazed at the response! Over sixty writers sent recipes! (I've interviewed many of them here on the blog and some are telling their stories at the new blog,

To make the pot even sweeter, my publisher, L& L Dreamspell, jumped in quickly, offering to publish the cookbook and donate their share to the cause. How sweet is that?

Killer Recipes is a fun cookbook because we changed the names of our family recipes to fit the mystery theme, and even though the names may seem ominous, the recipes are all safe and delicious. The categories are:

Breads and Breakfasts To Die For
Criminal Bites, Dips, and Beverages
Devilish Desserts
Insane Soups, Salads, and Sauces
Shameless Sides
Slayer Casseroles
Suck-ulent Main Dishes
Unlawful Vegetables

Our hope is to have a little fun, offer some wonderful family recipes, and kill cancer during our lifetime!

Won't you join our efforts by purchasing a few copies for yourself and others? You can get them at in print, ebook, or Kindle formats and feel good about giving the gift of hope to victims of this horrible disease.

You can also purchase directly through my web site, for autographed copies.
If you'd like to purchase a case to sell at signings or Relay For Life events, please contact the publisher at

It's a great time to try some of these recipes. Enjoy! And feel great that you've helped the fight against cancer.

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Vanessa Morgan said...

Great initiative! I hope it makes a difference...

Susan Whitfield said...

Thank you, Vanessa. We're trying to spread the word everywhere. Please help us, and thanks for commenting.